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Life in PRECISION1® lenses is easy to love. That’s because these babies are easy to wear. PRECISION1® contact lenses help you embrace the freedom of life with lenses. PRECISION1® contact lenses are tiny pairs of genius with some big, beautiful science woven into their DNA. With SMARTSURFACE® Technology, each lens has a thin layer of moisture on the surface that is made up of ...


TOTAL30® are the world’s first and only monthly replacement Water Gradient contact lenses. So you can look forward to lenses so comfortable they feel like nothing, even at day 30. Exceptional comfort, even at day 30 Loved by all eyes, even those that have experienced dryness in other lenses Class 1 UV Blocking delivers the highest level of UV protection‡ available in a monthl ...

Total30 for Astigmatism

Total30 for Astigmatism